About Us

Pressmark Entertainment was founded by Jessie Mark in 2009.

Jessie graduated from Duke University in 2011 where she majored in History and minored in Music. During her four years as a member of Duke’s all-female a cappella group Lady Blue, Jessie led Lady Blue to several first time achievements in the role of music director, including the group’s first appearance at the SoJam Collegiate Competition in 2008. Since graduating, she served as music director of Empire, New York City’s premiere all-female CAL group, led arranging and music theory workshops at SoJam, LAAF and BOSS, served as an ICCA judge, coached an all-female high school a cappella group, and tutored college and high school students in music theory for vocal arranging. She also serves as the Producer for the All Roads A Cappella festival in South Beach. In 2014, Jessie joined all-female vocal group vxn as a bass and vocal percussionist. In Jessie’s free time, she works full-time at an ad agency in Manhattan.

Pressmark, press play.

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